Our ceramics are crafted by locally sourced potters.

We are excited to have their unique designs and talents to share with you.

Vases and mugs have already been glazed on the inside before you start to create.

You will finish your masterpiece with “Hard as Nails” sealant which means you get to take your masterpieces home with you.

We also have a variety of moulded items for children.


We ensure our wooden products are made with only good quality materials.

This allows our craftsmen to produce their best workmanship on all products.

Our craftsmen ensure the wood finish is paint friendly which leaves your creative skills smiling.


Again, we have sourced our seamstress, to compliment you and your home. We ensure our fabric products are made with good quality cottons.
We have a variety of colours in fabric painting bags, as well as 2 different sizes.
Our large bags which would be the perfect gift for teachers, crafters, beach lovers or even the local music festival.

Our medium bags are a must for daily general use.


We have pre-printed canvas for children and the not so brave.

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